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Collecting Special Flatware For Your Table

Dirilyte Empress Place Setting-2Carolee Specialties has an 11 place settings plus 7 serving pieces of Dirilyte Flatware to make your dinner party special.

What is Dirilyte you ask? Here is a description and history of these unique pieces:—-

Dirilyte is a golden hued flatware that is not gold plated. It gets its golden hue from a solid through bronze. The metal alloy used to manufacture these items is much harder than silver and has the same color and tone of gold, yet is much more durable. The flatware is not dishwasher safe, but in 1961, the company began using a bonded protectant on its flatware, holloware and table accessories. The protectant has a distinct sparkle and negates the need for polishing.

Dirilyte Serve pcs EmpressThe company was originally named Dirigold and was founded in Sweden in 1919 by Oscar von Malmborg and Carl Molin. The metal alloy which the flatware was made of was invented in 1914 by Molin and, although it contained no gold, it did contain a number of other metals. The company later moved to America and was forced to change the name to something other than Dirigold, as they claimed that name was misleading to the public, since it actually had no gold content. They renamed it Dirilyte. The product was manufactured in Kokomo, Indiana and ceased operations in the 1980s.

Popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s and very expensive. A 5 piece place setting would have cost $700. Dirilyte has graced the finest tables in the world, from European royalty to the White House


1950s Holmes & Edwards Flatware –

Holmes and Edwads-Romsnvr-2A collection of Holmes & Edwards Flatware (Romance Pattern) from around 1952-1959 will take you back to the days you ate at Grandma’s house.

About Holmes & Edwards, a manufacturer of fine silver started in the industry back in the 1882, in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The people who started Holmes & Edwards were George C. Edwards and Israel Holmes. During the early years the company manufactured mostly silver plate.

Holmes and Edwards Serving pcs--2The company has many different patterns to choose from, some of which were created many years ago. Perhaps company’s most treasured pattern is the Jamestown, which was created in 1916.

Holmes & Edwards advertising messages were unique and catchy. It was “More than a plate” and “Protected where wear happens”. The reason why this was their advertising message is because during the plating process they would add an extra layer of silver to areas that would normally have the most wear. This provided areas that were prone to the most wear added protection.

Many companies may not have believed this process was beneficial, but the company’s pieces are still in great condition because of the process they used. In fact, if you see any of the pieces today, even pieces that are more than 50 years old, still look great because of the process of adding silver to them.

Although many of the older products from the company’s earliest years are still in great condition, they are hard to find. If a person does find very old pieces, the chances are they would be very expensive.

As one can tell, the company was a great company, and although purchased by The International Silver Company in 1898, the Holmes & Edwards patterns are still of high quality. People can rest assured that any product bearing the Holmes & Edwards name is an amazing product of the highest quality. So, if you are looking for silverware, or silver plated items, be sure to check out items made by Holmes & Edwards.

By the way, if you are just starting out you don’t have to buy the entire set. Many people purchase one piece or one place setting at a time.


The Month of June

jANINA-DSC01010-1June is the month that brings the first step of change in many ways. Filled with events ranging from weddings to showers, from Preschool to University Graduations, these events truly represent major steps in life.

The month derived its name from the Goddess of Marriage, Juno, or luniores, the young people, appropriate names for the events many experience during this very busy month.

 June is the month with the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest days in the Southern Hemisphere. Birthstones are the pearl, moonstone and AlexandritelFlowers are the rose and honeysuckle. Zodiac signs are Gemini and Cancer. Strangely, no other month begins on the same day of the year as June

To date, this has not been an easy month for most areas of our country, events ranging from floods to a water crisis on the west coast. Our priorities change when we experience these types of events but we are also a strong, determined group of people in this country and we will be okay in the end.

As for me, I believe I am finally turning the corner and getting back to my old routine of working to help artisans and small businesses. I hope that those of you that read my Newsletter will find the products I offer interesting, and something that is just what you were looking for as a gift or something special yourself.

Store-2Over the years, especially when I operated my small gift shop, I purchased a variety of items from the artisans in Nepal. I kept the unsold items neatly packed in boxes at my home hoping I could return to selling items once my health problems passed. The events last month brought the small country of Nepal a great deal of hardship, so I unpacked the items; handmade note cards, beaded and silver jewelry, handbags and Pashmina and silk shawls, to name a few, and will be posting them on my store at carolespecialties.com, as well as the social media sites, (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter), in the hope that you will not only purchase something but also refer me to others.

There are other products those sites and everything I sell is acquired from small businesses, in the United States, Nepal and sometimes other areas of the world. My goal is to help small businesses and, of course myself, but I would also like make enough income to share the profits with those in need in Nepal and my very pet project, The Wounded Warrior Project. I hope that you will help me in these endeavors. Just donate money on your own if you do not find products you want to purchase from me.

Till next time, Carolee