November 2016


Little does it matter what the calendar tells us, fact is that Fall has arrived by house during the last couple of days. Hard rain, strong winds and chilly air and trees and shrubs filled with colorful leaves that often flutter down to the ground for clean up is all I need to convince me Autumn Season has arrived.

My fondest childhood memories are the fall days when the entire family worked to clean up the leaves and enjoy a cup of mulled cider to warm up when the job was finished. The mums we received to wear with our cheerleading outfits and the excitement of attending school football games, the cheers, the music and the lively but good natured competition with the other schools

I was pleased that I was the one chosen by both my husband’s and my own family to cook and bake for the family each special holiday. (not to mention the many weekends in between) Thanksgiving is the day when we stop and take the time to give thanks and when I looked around the crowded table on that day I am most grateful for all the wonderful people, past and present, that shared my life over the years.

And now I am happy that my daughter accepted the responsibility of preparing and serving the family feast on Thanksgiving and gladly relinquish that honor to her. It will be great to be one of the guests!!!!

Earlier this year I closed my Internet Gift Shop because I was concerned that my health problems had increased to the point that I would be unable to properly service my customers. I was not spending a lot of time on the Internet either.  Lately, however, I have begun to feel better and I am determined to provide you with the opportunity to purchase the merchandise I kept packed neatly in boxes in my house since I closed my gift shop. The small mall where it  was located is now a rather fancy grocery store. Anyway,  I recreated my store website at and decided to launch the site in time for Thanksgiving to give everyone the time to browse through the items and hopefully find some things for themselves and presents for others.

Please take some time to browse through the pages on my website and return often because I will continue to add products frequently. I would love you to liberate my lovely products from their solitary confinement in the boxes in my home to use and enjoy them.

If you live in or close to our location in New Jersey and wish to pick up items you purchase to save the time and cost of shipping, contact me by email at to make arrangements.

Remember if you do not live in New Jersey you may not have to pay Sales Tax, contact us for an adjustment of your Invoice.

Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send me an email. I try to reply as quickly as possible.


Until next time =——Carolee





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